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Vandaliso - Keep the Wolves Outside

by Vandaliso


High-bias cassette tape.
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Recorded live to a 4-track tape recorder in an old arched Jerusalem space, Vandaliso’s debut e.p is a praise for the youthfull, unpolished and unknown music experiences. The trio was formed once Rudy Berezin (Häxxan-Gtr) and Tal Sadot (Drums) met Anne costello (Bass) who was visiting Tel Aviv during a student exchange program. Together they formed Vandaliso, focusing on Rudy’s rockabilly-garage aesthetic songwriting and gtr teqs. A short while after, prior to Anne’s departure back to Berlin, they recorded this EP. Vandaliso later on evolve in to a much more complexed style with it’s new recruit of Ariel Harrosh (Illy, Ouzo Bazooka) on bass, adding a more melodic and headbanger approach. The 6 track e.p ‘Keep the Wolves Outside’ is a one time Rock'n'roll sweat-driven release with a dynamic flow just as recorded. the energy of this live recording along with it’s unique atmosphere is something that could only be captured through the reels of an analogue recorder - an instrument by itself.

Limited 100 copies only.