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Chompi Records is a record label and a recording company based in Tel-Aviv.

We are building a collaboration team that works for the love of music making and rocknroll. This includes all of the production personal-artists, recording engineers, producers. designers,video makers, booking agents,PR people and whatever you can think of.

If you feel that you want to talk with us, share some music or your work, please do so and send us an email.



Shipping notice:

All orders except PRE-ORDERS will ship out within 2 business days.Once shipped, delivery may take anywhere from few days to a few weeks, depending on your location. Apart from confirmation e-mail for your order, you will be notify when order is shipped,along with its tracking ID. If It's been over a month you are waiting or you just have a feeling that something went wrong, feel free to contact us at: hello.chompi.records(at)